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Sam's Grill Club Store

Terms of Service

You are agreeing to purchase these products and use in a safe matter in conjunction with your current grill. Purchases of these products require certain terms and conditions, these products must be used in a safe matter with your grill. Caution of usage of these products as your grill is a fire producing device. We are not responsible for any accidents induced from the fire in your grill. Caution as these products get very hot once placed on or into you grill. Proper use of tools as designed is required. Some tools have sharp areas on them and must be used properly. Failure to comply with instructions and cautions could result in a serious injury. Always keep children away when grilling. You are required to download and read the instruction manual.

By purchasing any of the Sam Smoker products at samssmoker.com you agree with these terms of service. Thank you for you understanding that these products must be operated in a safe manner.

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