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A+ Scraper-Special-Scrappy

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A+ Scraper-Special-Scrappy

A+ Scraper-Special-Scrappy


Scrappy The Scraper - 9 in 1 Grilling Tool - You will be Amazed! Gaurenteed for Life!

As seen on HGTV  show - Hot Grills and Cool Patios


What can Scraper Do!

Made of 304 heavy duty stainless steel 14 gauge!

• Flips your meat (pointed end)
• Meat tenderizer (pointed end)
• Cleans and scrapes your grate on top
• Cleans and scrapes your grate between the rods
• Cleans and scrapes your grate under the rods
• Lifting hook for your grate and BBQ racks
• Scrappy's smile is a bottle opener
• A great cleaning tool for many grill parts
• Designed to clean the Sam's Smoker Pro™

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National Outdoor Barbecue Accessory Award Winner.  100% Guaranteed!  Works On Any Barbecue Grill