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Barbecue Smoker Home

Hello Thanks for Visting My Site We Have

Barbecue Wood Chips - Smoker Wood Chips Best price on the Web for 210 cu-in approx. 2lb.

Father's Day Special Are On The Way. Please Check Back Next Week For Specials on Woodchips, other BBQ Accessories and Barbecue Smoker Products. Barbecue Accesories!

Convert Your BBQ Grill, Gas or Charcoal to a Real Wood Fired Grill  - MORE FLAVOR THAN CHARCOAL!  

The smoker pro has been fantastic. I use it nearly every time I use my gas grill. It's a whole lot easier than than getting a fire going in my charcoal pit. 

See Derek's review at www.the-q-review.com/2011/12/sams-smoker-pro.html

The Real Deal the Big Guys Do Not Want You to Know About "How to Convert your Grill "- BBQ Accessory OF the Year and Patented, You Will Be Amazed! Click Testimonial & Reviews  100 % guaranteed for Life Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

 Any Grill Can Become A Real Wood Fired Grill and Smoker.

 If you have a gas grill, charcoal grill you do not need to buy a stand alone BBQ Smoker.

We can save you $100-$600 or more. Do not buy a stand alone barbecue smoker!Barbecue Smoker Pro Check out this amazing national award winning product!


 Works on Any Grill!  Buy The BBQ Sam Smoker Pro Now  Sam's Smoker Pro™
Sams Smoker Fits all BBQ Barbecue, BBQ Grills 

"It's all About the Flavor ™"!.OK. REALLY Any grill can become a smoker. Converts any Grill. Convert your charcoal  grill, Convert your gas grill into a wood chip fired grill and professional Smoker!  Sure!

Out performs any smoker on the market 100% gaurenteed!BBQ Accessory of the Year.You can add all that flavor just by adding the Sam's Smoker Pro to your exiting grill. Just place wood chips into the barbecue Smoker Pro.
"It's all About the Flavor ™" A Grill Smoker All in One Using Your Own BBQ Grill!

No need to buy a stand alone smoker, really! National Award Winner  Patented Grill Smoker-Device -Like No Other - Highest Quality - 100% Guaranteed for life .

The Real Deal! Burns, with 3 cups of barbecue wood chips up to1 hour!
IT REALLY WORKS!! - AMAZED YOU WILL BE ™ - Patented Technology

A Perforated Device that Converts Grills into Wood Fired Grills, and BBQ Smokers.
METHODS OF USE -The King Of Barbecue Wood Chip Smoking is a Device that sits inside your current grill it out performs the Stand Alone Smokers and any smoker boxes! Hands Down!

• Sets on lower rack of your gas grill • Rests on a gas grill burner.
• Sets on the charcoal of your charcoal grill
• Sits and rests on the heat exchanger plate.

This Smoker Pro burns charcoal, wood chip, and wood pellets

This Real Wood Chip BBQ Smoker Device Grilling System was Invented by an Independent Inventor-Me-Sam 

Within a five minutes Sam's Smoker BBQ Pro is filling your grill with the unique wood chip grill smoker country BBQ Barbecue-BBQ flavor!

A Real Grill Smoker that Will Convert Your Gas Grill To a Wood Fired Grill and Professional Smoker!


  • Grill Smoker Device that Converts Grills into BBQ Smokers.
  • The King of Smoking Boxes Devices National Award Winner You can Wood Grill or Smoke your food.
  • This product makes Charcoal out of the Wood Chips. AMAZED YOU Will BE
  • The extended surface of this grill smoker devices produces a rapid smoking method and advanced flavor process.
  • There is nothing on the market like it. Use 1.5 inch Wood Chunks or Wood Chips. size 12 in X 10 x 2 in height

     1 -2 -3 light your current grill and in minutes you have real smoke. If this device does not do want we say it does return it. Full refund ! The smoker covers approximately 120 sq-inches of the grilling heat source. The grill smoker device will reduce flare-ups.This Barbecue Wood Chip Smoker Will out perform any smoker out there - Hands Down!

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  • The Sam's Smoker Pro™ Patented and Winner of Multi National Awards - Including BBQ Accessory of the Year - US Patent 6,701,829
    This Patented BBQ Smoker Device! Turns Wood Chips Into Charcoal - Best of All Worlds BBQ, Smoking, Roasting and Grilling. Before you spend any money on a BBQ Smoker or Smoker Grill or Grill Smoker, of any kind, please read about my product. National Award Winner - Patented Grill Smoker-Device -Like No Other - Highest Quality - 100% Guaranteed for life the Real Deal!

     Grilled Vegetable Platter - Services 6 people
    2 yellow bell peppers, 2 red bell peppers, 2 green bell peppers, 3 small to medium zucchini, 2 small to medium yellow squash
    4 whole tomatoes and 15 Asparagus spears peel cut off tough end
    ¾ cups olive, 3 smoker garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, ½ teaspoon Italian seasoning, 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
    Pinch of ground pepper and salt, Mix all ingredients in a bowl, mix and stir
    Core out and clean then cut the yellow, red and green bell peppers into ½ strips
    Minced the 3 smoked garlic cloves, Cut the zucchini in long strips 1 in thick,Cut the yellow squash in long strips 1 in thick
    Cut tomato into 4 pieces, Peel Asparagus spares then cut off tough end
Wood Grill Vegetables
Grill the bell peppers, until slightly charred
Grill the zucchini and the yellow squash for about 4 minutes – inside to be soft and hot
Grill asparagus for about 5 minutes
Grill tomatoes for about three minutes
Place grilled vegetables onto a platter
Drizzle dressing all over

All you need to know about barbecue

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 Article: ANY GRILL CAN BECOME A SMOKER -By Chief Steve Collins the Home Chief

Sam's Smoker Pro is an ingenious invention that any outdoor cook will appreciate. It can easily turn any outdoor grill into a wood fired &
smoker, the results are delicious. No need to buy a smoker when you have the Smoker Pro. EASY TO USE

  • Place the Smoker Pro over the briquettes of your gas or charcoal grills. The Smoker Pro can also rest on a gas burner assembly or electric element. Every Smoker Pro comes with a tool that allows you to install and remove the barbeque grate and place Sam's Smoker Pro onto the heat source just before cooking. Within a few minutes Sam's Smoker Pro is filling your grill with the unique wood smoked country barbecue flavor you love.
Here's What Steve Has to Say About Sam's Smoker Pro
In National Barbecue News
It’s confession time. Sometimes I make things more complicated than they have to be. When I first saw Sam’s Smoker Pro, I could not make myself believe that it would work on my kettle grill. This was because I have a set way that I smoke things and I was trying to figure out how it could possibly fit with the fire on the outside the way I usually smoke, using indirect heat. Sam Farrow, inventor of the Smoker Pro, kept telling me that it would work on my grill and he was right. Using the Smoker Pro creates an indirect cooking process that I just hadn’t been able to visualize. From sheer stubbornness, I almost missed finding out about a really fantastic gadget that vastly simplifies the smoking process and allows any grill to easily convert to a smoker. I am so pleased with the results that I don’t mind admitting to my thick headedness.
Sam’s Smoker Pro is a deceptively simple device. It consists of a bottom tray with handles on both sides and holes in the bottom. The wood chips (which may be soaked or not depending on your preference) are placed in the bottom of the tray. The lid goes on top of that. The Smoker Pro is then placed directly on the heat source. The grill gate goes directly above this. Charcoal is my fuel of choice, but it works well with gas (or electric) grills, also. For good results when using charcoal, get the coals going well (you want them to be gray. Set your bed of coals one coal deep. When the coals are ready, top with the prepared Smoker Pro.
A convenient handle is provided with the Smoker Pro so that you can remove the grill grate to add more coals or remove the lid from the Smoker Pro to add more wood chips for extended smoking times for larger items like a turkey or big roast. The instructions for accommodating the Smoker Pro to a gas grill say to move enough of the lava rock so that the Smoker Pro can fit levelly and there is sufficient room to accommodate the grill grate and close the lid.
For my maiden voyage with this device, I decided to make a chorizo stuffed pork tenderloin with a smoked tomato sauce (see recipe below). I smoked potatoes at the same time. With the addition of a salad and/or vegetable, there is a complete meal with a minimum of effort.
I made the stuffing, and then made the fire. While the coals were getting heated, I prepared and stuffed the tenderloin. When the fire was ready I loaded the Smoker Pro with wood chips, put the loaded Smoker Pro over the coals (Which had been spread out to a single layer.) I then put the grill grate over that and loaded it with the food to be cooked, put the lid on the grill and left it alone for 45 minutes. I tested the pork for doneness with an instant read thermometer and voila! The cooking time was less than I had anticipated. If you can’t find chorizo, use Andouille or Spicy Italian Sausage. If you want to keep it simple, it works well without the smoked tomato sauce, although, it is a more elegant dish with the sauce.
Sam’s Smoker Pro is an easy and inexpensive way to smoke in your backyard and the results were great. I know that I will frequently be using this handy accessory when I smoke. If you enjoy smoked foods at home, you’ll be happy to add this innovative tool to your collection.
Grilling and Smoking with The Home Chef
By Steve Collins
Copyright 2002-2010
All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced, changed or transmitted in any form, by any means electronically or mechanically including photocopy or any means of reproduction.
 Testimonial By William Moke "Will" TX

I own a Char-Broil gas grill, and was looking for a way to add a smokier taste to meat. I found Sam's smoker using a google search and decided to give it a try. You soak wood chips for 15 minutes, that can be purchased at anyplace that sells outdoor grills.The smoking box sits on the heat deflector, and after 15 minutes or so you get a nice thick smoke which lasts over an hour. I also use a pan of water on the other side of the grill. the smoke and steam give any meat a nice smoky flavor and the water keeps it moist. I have been very satisfied with the results and so has everyone else who has tried it. I highly recommend this product.


 The Simple Wood-grilling Method - Gourmet Secrets Revealed! You are thinking of purchasing the “Multi Award Winning” Sam's Smoker Pro™. This product holds a US patent # 6,701,829. The “Sam’s Smoker Pro” is made of 14 gauge, 400 series stainless steel and carries a Life Time Warranty. It will never rust out. Please keep it conditioned with some cooking oil or Pam Spray, it will turn black and season like and case iron skillet.

This product is a large radiant wood grilling cooking device that will enable you to convert your grill: gas, electric or charcoal into a wood-fired grill & smoker. You will be able to use gourmet woods like apple, cherry, sugar maple to add that gourmet flavor to your food. Wood grilling is a gourmet technique that is used in 4 & 5 star gourmet restaurants. The Smoker Pro™ comes with a tool for installation and removal, plus the Smoker Pro™ is refillable while grilling.
The Smoker Pro™ covers approximately 120 square inches of your grilling surface and it can operate over an hour without being refilled. In fact on low heat sitting directly on the flame, or burner, filled with one-inch square chips (chunks), we have clocked times of up to two hours. This device works so well, you can even slow cook your food at 250 degrees if you wish in your gas grill.
This device is engineered to control the burn rate of the wood chips. The burn cycle
consists of it smoking then burning like charcoal, continuing to favor your food with that gourmet flavor. The Sam's Smoker Pro™ can also be used on gas grills with or without its lid to burn charcoal.
Hunters, fishermen, cooking enthusiast, BBQ enthusiast as well as grillers, will be amazed the taste this device will give to your wild game, pork roasts, steaks & roasts, chicken, pizza, turkey and vegetables.

 Many Reviews all 5 star  !!

National Outdoor Barbecue Accessory Award Winner.  100% Guaranteed!  Works On Any Barbecue Grill